Looking at the certain acts of Tristan Thompson flirting with his ex KhloeKardashian; Wendy Williams seems to have been irritated. She hosts a talk show. Using a social media platform she clearly explained how annoyed she is to find that the basket player has not moved on so far. She has not said that out of nowhere but looking at her own experience since she herself got out of her relationship with her husband for a couple of decades; Kevin Hunter.

Wendy added that she would find it horrendous if her ex would flirt with her after being cheated on several times.

She exclaimed all these feelings on her show. She said that, “Tristan is bothering Khloe to date. They will somehow be involved with one another because of their baby.” She was talking about their year old daughter and she was pretty much true in saying that.

She did not stop here and added that the basketball player should now leave her alone. She is obviously done with him she said. Knowing all their past drama, Wendy reacted this way to make her point clear to everyone following a comment that has been made by Tristan on one of the pictures that Kardashian uploaded on her social media.

In the comment section of sultry picture posted by Krardashian; the star wrote the word “perfection” with an emoji of heart eyes for the added on effects.

One of another incident that might have triggered the show host; Wendy Williams Calls Tristan Thompson Out For Flirting With Ex KhloeKardashian can be the incident where Khloe revealed that he tried to kiss her on their daughter’s first birthday and openly showed how uncomfortable she was and how uneasy Tristan has been making things for her.

For unknown reasons to date, the basketball player deleted the flirty comment on the picture after writing it not too long once he commented.

Wendy went on sharing her own experience where similar things happened to her, though she did not share the man’s name. She said, I think at times there are people that when the relation is over between them and their ex, whether it is a woman or a man; there is someone who continuously tries to get in to someone’s head and watch out if he or she will be there to accept the bait or not. Will you will get back to their bed again or kiss them at least once again? Will you go out for a romantic dinner with them once again or will all this remain a family business?

Khloe has been respectful towards what Wendy Williams have said about the Tristan’s trying to win her back. She said that she has been through one of the toughest times of her life with Tristan. She further added that there is nothing that can win her back. There is nothing other than the fact that we had a daughter together and nothing else can ever happen between us again.