Week 8: What to do with Bama? , SEC bowl projections

How’s Tua?

That is the thing that each school football fan needs to know — in Alabama or all through the SEC, however across the country.

The high right lower leg sprain that Alabama quarterback and Heisman Trophy applicant Tua Tagovailoa endured on Saturday against Tennessee has monstrous ramifications. Tagovailoa had medical procedure on that lower leg Sunday morning.

It won’t make any difference when the Crimson Tide faces Arkansas this week, and mentor Nick Saban’s group finds something of a break with a bye week subsequent to confronting the Razorbacks.

Be that as it may, Nov. 9 increasingly poses a threat than at any other time now since that is LSU day. That is “winner takes SEC West” day. That is the day Alabama’s spot as the King of the Mountain in the SEC, just as a conceivable College Football Playoff offer, go under serious danger. Tagovailoa was determined to have a high lower leg sprain, and it would not be a shock with that sort of damage in the event that they isn’t all set against LSU. That, obviously, would change the Tide’s offense definitely.

All in all, how to manage Alabama?

By what method would it be a good idea for them to be anticipated going ahead?

Alright, full breath. Here goes.

LSU resembles the best group in the nation. The Tigers went out and about and pulverized Mississippi State on Saturday, with Joe Burrow maybe leading the pack in the Heisman race, particularly if Tagovailoa misses huge time.

Alabama still looks not exactly extraordinary on guard, and LSU is by all accounts improving. The Crimson Tide enabled 231 yards to a Tennessee group that sincerely has no clue who should play quarterback. That number is fine, however not awesome. Alabama is 26th in the country in complete resistance, only two spots behind LSU. That sounds great until people think about that the Crimson Tide has confronted only one positioned group (scarcely, in then-No. 24 Texas A&M) and that none of the groups it has confronted has an offense even positioned in the country’s best 35 (Southern Miss is the best at No. 38).

Each number says we should extend LSU at the top.

Here is the reason people are not there yet: Numbers don’t play the games. Individuals do.

While Alabama gets the chance to pound on Arkansas at that point take seven days off, LSU has a dubious test against Auburn this Saturday. More to the point, with the Tigers getting their bye week in the wake of confronting different Tigers, LSU’s players will hear for about fourteen days about how their program has not beaten Alabama since a portion of those children were in center school.

That could fire the Tigers up something wild, or it could get in their minds.

Our take, as has been the situation all through the season, is that Alabama is as yet the group to beat in the SEC until someone demonstrates that it isn’t. To be the man, people need to beat the man, as someone (Wooooooooo!) has said. So it’s still Alabama as the No. 1 CFP seed for the present. Yet, it’s everything alright for LSU on the grounds that a one-misfortune SEC group, for this situation the LSU-Alabama washout, is still very likely making the CFP.

One more note: People presently venture Georgia as the best SEC/Big Ten/Notre Dame group for the Orange Bowl to pick after the CFP field is set and the Sugar Bowl chooses its contracted SEC group. So people presently have the Dawgs going to Miami to confront whichever godawful ACC group ends up second best behind anticipated CFP member Clemson.

In any case, that space, and the idea of the SEC arrival four groups in the New Year’s Day 6 dishes, is in threat in such a case that Notre Dame beats Michigan this week, people don’t see any other individual knocking off the Fighting Irish. Furthermore, people unquestionably don’t perceive any way that a 11-1 Notre Dame group misses the NYD6. It would be bizarre if a two-misfortune SEC group dropped out of the NYD6, yet it could occur.

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