There are a lot of mind boggling duos in the NBA. It is difficult narrowing down the top five, not to mention the order.

In any case, on Monday morning, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith gave his list on “First Take.”

5) James Harden and Russell Westbrook – Rockets

4) Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving – Nets

3) Kawhi Leonard and Paul George – Clippers

2) Steph Curry and Klay Thompson – Warriors

1) LeBron James and Anthony Davis – Lakers

Smith offered high acclaim to the Splash Brothers:

“It’s very simple. The greatest shooting backcourt in the history of basketball. Never before have we seen a duo that can shoot the basketball like this.

“When these two brothers return together healthy, I got news for you — sleep on the Golden State Warriors if you want to because you don’t know basketball.

“They’re gonna have something to say about stuff when all is said and done.”

What about Draymond Green?

“I think Steph and Draymond are more of a tandem than anyone,” fellow ESPN host Max Kellerman said. “Now it’s true you need a third guy to space the floor and shoot. Without Klay, it doesn’t work as well.

“But you can take other guys who can shoot the three. Steph and Draymond are the pick-and-roll — that’s the whole league.

“When you reduce the Warriors down to their basic component, Dray is the No. 2 guy.”

It’s difficult to differ with Kellerman on this one, however it’s justifiable why Smith went with Klay because he was concentrating on offensive firepower.

Tragically, the five-time All-Star is required to miss a huge piece of next season as he recuperates from a torn left ACL.

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