Toyota Racing’s NASCAR boss David Wilson has uncovered he’s in talks with two potential new group proprietors that are not at present engaged with America’s head stock vehicle dashing arrangement.

Talking in front of this current end of the week’s Cup Series-opening Daytona 500, Wilson said the potential new group proprietors “come from the business world” and that they are both “well-funded” and “credible”.

He said that they’ve been pulled in by NASCAR’s Next Gen vehicle, which is booked to turn out in 2022, that offers considerable reserve funds for proprietors by being founded on basic parts worked by a base of single providers as opposed to being produced by the actual groups.

Any new group entering NASCAR’s Cup Series would need to buy or rent a contract to ensure a beginning spot taking all things together of the races. Existing groups are allowed to sell their sanctions, or rent them for one year. Toyota as of late added the 23XI group of Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan during the current year which bought a sanction.

“I’ll say candidly that we’re talking to two potential owners that are not in racing today, that are outside the sport entirely, and because of Next Gen, because of circumstance and the relationships that we’ve been building they’re interested at taking a shot potentially,” said Wilson.

“That’s exciting, when you get new ownership that comes from the business world, that’s well-funded and it’s credible, I think the sport’s going to be rocked. Stay tuned!”

Wilson likewise referenced that he keeps on having a progressing discourse with current groups inside NASCAR’s positions.

Toyota is the most un-addressed maker in the Cup Series, with its four-vehicle force to be reckoned with Joe Gibbs Racing crew just enhanced by single-vehicle passages from the new 23XI group and the little Gaunt Bros Racing outfit with the last neglecting to meet all requirements for the 500 for the subsequent year running.

The absence of Toyotas turns into an issue on superspeedways, when drivers are urged to just draft with those from an individual maker and can cause issues around pitstops, when its vehicles need to pit together to raise back to an acceptable level as fast as could really be expected.

Wilson said of adding additional groups: “The stock answer is I like to think that I have good relations with every team out there, and I’ve been flattered quite honestly by the number of approaches that have been made y’know just casual ones. We have a couple of ongoing conversations.”

Regarding the matter of the Next Gen vehicle, Wilson gave an update of progress up until now.

“It’s been very process-driven by NASCAR. The bodies we submitted for our Camrys have received approval, as have Ford and Chevrolet with their respective cars. The cars that have been testing are mules, effectively, with a neutral, agnostic body strapped on to it.”

“One of the next steps is for us each to run our bodies and our engines. We have not put a Toyota engine in a Next Gen car to test yet. So that’s all going to happen pretty quickly this Spring.”

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