The latest move by Springs Rejuvenated offers professional and amateur sports enthusiasts a suite of state-of-the-art medical technology solutions to help them recover faster and get back to the field of play. The clinic specializes in cutting-edge peptide infusions, umbilical cord stem cell implantation, NAD therapy, and novel lifestyle modifications to help clients overcome a variety of health problems.

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The announcement details the success of the center’s performance program in expediting healing for athletes suffering from acute injuries while also improving stamina, muscle integrity, and fitness over the long term. Springs Rejuvenated has previously worked with current and former world champions from the NBA and NFL, as well as UFC and MLB.

Stem cells play a central role in blood, bone, and organ development within the body. In a sporting context, these cells offer the potential for more rapid recovery from injury via their ability to regenerate new tissue at the pain site. A study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine points to the potential of leukocyte-enriched platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in facilitating tendon repair as well as improving pain relief, neovascularisation, and function. Tendon injuries alone constitute 40 to 50% of all sporting-related injuries.

Springs Rejuvenation’s stem cell procedures are preceded by a detailed consultation with a team of highly trained physicians to ascertain clients’ suitability for treatment. Stem cells can be extracted from a patient’s bone marrow, fat, or donated umbilical cord, and are injected either intravenously or directly into the injury site. The procedure itself takes around one hour, with results being seen within a couple of weeks.

About Springs Rejuvenation

The clinic was established in 2018 by Charles Pereyra, MD, who has spent over 14 years studying stem cells and their application in injury healing, anti-aging, and wellness therapies. Springs Rejuvenation operates clinics in Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale.

A spokesperson says, “Our stem cell treatment therapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that uses your body’s natural healing powers to help you heal faster. Stem cell therapy has given numerous people long-lasting pain relief. In many cases, it can facilitate permanent repair.”

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