Top Kitchen & Cupboard Contractor in Vereeniging Celebrates 15 Years of Success

Top Kitchen and Cupboards Contractor in Vereeniging

When Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens & Cupboards was started way back in 2006 its owner was ‘n young man – struggling to establish his own business. Though he often considered changing his profession, he never did. He just kept on installing cupboards and kitchens. Each time trying to do the job a little better.

When you talk to Jo van Rensburg (owner of Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens & Cupboards) about his work as a kitchen contractor and remodeler, he loves to tell you how it all started:

“I got my training from my grandfather,” he will say with a big smile on his face. “While I was helping him with his woodwork projects, he would give me detailed instructions. And then he would inspect every piece of work to see that it was done perfectly and exactly according to the specifications. No shortcuts. And if it was not, I was in deep trouble.

After years of working with my grandfather, I became as obsessed with quality control as he was. But I also learned to enjoy it when a plan came together – within these high standards. And to be proud of the good work I have done.

When I started Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens in Vereeniging in August 2006 it was because of a passion I developed for the work. And with my grandpa helping in the cupboard factory, giving advice, and doing the quality control in my new business.”

Since 2006 Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens has grown into a booming family business. Jo has expanded the range of kitchen cupboards, enlarged the on-site cupboard factory, and even started a separate extension of the business for working with (cutting and polishing) granite kitchen countertops.

Through all these years the basic philosophy stayed the same: quality before anything else!

Over the past 15 years, Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens became the trusted cupboard specialist in the Vaal Triangle (including Vereeniging, Meyerton, Vanderbijlpark, Sasolburg, and Randvaal. They have become known for creating designer kitchens, installing built-in cupboards, and delivering the best quality in materials and workmanship.

Not only are they able to completely outfit any fully fitted kitchen and built-in kitchen cupboards, but they also assist their clients with the process of kitchen remodeling: from design.. to manufacturing.. to making the necessary kitchen renovations… to installing their dream kitchen. And for doing the same for their bedroom, bathroom, study, or any space where they want to fit a beautiful and functioning cupboard.

Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens and Cupboards pride themselves in designing and creating beautiful kitchens and cupboards… and then installing them quickly and efficiently at their customers’ homes.

When Jo looks at the future on their 15th anniversary, he is clear about his plans for the future: “I want us to build more, better and more beautiful kitchens and cupboards than ever before. If we can accomplish that the business will have a sound foundation and it will keep on growing for the next 15 years.”

Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens and Cupboards
Jo’s Exquisite Kitchens and Cupboards

6 Bennie Osler Street
Unitas Park
South Africa

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