The ever-increasing need for accelerated sales pipeline and centralised customer interactions is pushing more businesses toward easy-to-navigate CRM systems such as

Companies that work in silos fail to ensure workplace cohesion and deliver a proactive user experience. This can result in negative brand equity, lower conversion rates, and diminished reduced ROI.

Built on simplicity, has evolved as a step-change in helping businesses move prospects down the sales funnel faster and clinch more sales deals. But to ensure the CRM system is configured according to a company’s requirements, cashing in on a high-end consultancy service is a no-brainer.

Automation Consultants, an agile and DevOps consultancy service, urges users to outsource their CRM setup and training for bolstered business productivity.

According to Automation Consultants, by guiding a company through the complex CRM setup and configuration process, a CRM consultancy service like Automation can ensure new tools are widely adopted throughout the organisation in a prompt and efficient manner.

Enabling seamless integration with all a company’s essential software, such as Gmail, Jira, GitHub, Twilio, and Salesforce, CRM specialists can help take the complexity out of–leading to finely tuned workflow and frictionless processes.

Such a high-end service assigns a dedicated account manager to help users with their specific needs–training, licensing, troubleshooting, and more, adds Automation Consultants.

For example, as a UK Gold Partner, Automation Consultants aims to lessen every chance of a low uptake by ensuring teams are always ready to go with this low-code system.

Trusted by 600+ businesses globally, the company can reduce time-intensive manual tasks from day one by setting up automated reminders, reports, approval requests, and so on. By squeezing out shadow tasks, CRM workflow automation optimises processes, improves work culture, boosts transparency, and helps teams effortlessly juggle multiple projects.

On top of this, by leveraging Automation Consultants’s personalised and on-hand training, teams can better comprehend the tool for a smooth system roll-out with minimal business disruption.

The consultants with domain-specific expertise at Automation Consultants provide their clients with bespoke support services–from CRM configurations all the way through to migration and best practices, the company claims.

Automation Consultants is an industry-recognised consultancy service specialising in AWS, Agile, Atlassian, DevOps, and It helps blue-chip businesses boost their performance through automation and digital transformation. For more information, visit

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