Popular Singer Michelle Williams is fed up with all the tagging and congratulating messages on Instagram for being mistaken for the actress with the same name. Michelle Williams won the Emmy Award and gained prominence for her performance as Gwen Verdon in FX. This movie is about the life of Bob Fosse and Verdon. These two personalities had a huge impact on the American Entertainment Industry. The couple had to suffer from various obstacles throughout their married life. They had to deal with the infidelity and medical issues of Bob Fosse. Williams portrayed the character of Gwen Verdon opposite Rockwell. The film shows various aspects of the life of the director Bob Fosse and actress Gwen Verdon.

Rockwell and Michelle portrayed the various ages of the real life characters. They had to examine their mannerism and movements to bring more depth and realism to the character. William studied the dance movements of the actress/dancer. She understood the complexity of the role very well. She knew that only copying her dressing sense and make up would not be enough. She’d have to portray the character of Gwen Verdon with the right kind of mannerism. She put her heart and soul in the role and received a lot of appreciation from the critics and audience.  

Michelle Williams won the best actress Award for the role. She made an impactful acceptance speech at the 71st Emmy Awards Ceremony. During her acceptance speech she made it a point to express the importance of equal pay right. She appreciated the efforts of Fx and Fox Studio 21 for cooperating with her to bring out the best in her by letting her take the voice and dancing lessons.

Fans of Michelle Williams loved her speech. They started tagging her on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram. However instead of tagging the actress Michelle Williams they tagged the singer Michelle William. The singer is the former Destiny’s Child member. The tagging became too much to handle for her that she had to speak up and let people know that they are tagging the wrong person. She says in her message on social media that observing is also as important as reading. Before tagging her people should make sure that they check the picture of the person they are tagging. She appreciates the speech of the Emmy’s Award winner. She finds her to be terrific and brilliant. However, she finds it quite annoying for being tagged by the fans of the actress thinking that it is her.

Fans have been confused on the internet because of the same name. Both the celebrities share the same name. The singer is black and the actress is white. Singer Michelle Williams wrote that it is quite obvious that she is African-American and is not mixed with any other race. She fails to understand the confusion of the people on the social media.

This is not the first time singer Michelle Williams has been thought to be the actress Michelle Williams. Previously also celebrities with the same names have been confused by the people.

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