Segway Inc is finishing creation of its two-wheeled individual transporter vehicle that picked up ubiquity among vacationers and some police powers, yet ended up involved in incidents with well known characters.

Propelled almost two decades back, the organization will quit fabricating the Segway PT beginning July 15 as it shifts center to different units, for example, its common bike business, it said on Tuesday. The model represented under 1.5% of the Bedford, New Hampshire-based organization’s income a year ago.

Two different models, the Segway SE-3 Patroller and the Segway Robotics Mobility Platform, will stop creation in a move that will prompt 21 employment cuts.

The brainchild of creator Dean Kamen, the first Segway model conveys one client remaining on a little stage between two one next to the other wheels. Inclining marginally forward pushes the bike ahead, reclining inverts course and turns are made by bending the handle.

The organization has likewise been at the focal point of different prominent accidents, including the toppling of Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt during his triumph lap by a Segway-bound cameraman in 2015.(

In 2003, previous United States President George Bush was additionally broadly caught on film tumbling off his Segway.

In April 2015, Chinese transportation mechanical technology firm Ninebot obtained the organization, about a large portion of a year after Segway named Ninebot in a patent encroachment grievance. (

The consolidated organization has since stretched out into electric bikes and has become the biggest provider for bike sharing organizations, for example, Bird and Lime.

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