Romy Johnson – From a college student to successful EdTech Entrepreneur

Romy Johnson is a talented and popular entrepreneur based in Canada who started an eLearning venture in India called ‘Cool Gurus’ which successfully coaches hundreds of students every year to gain mastery over speaking and learning English, Spanish and other languages.

In our interview with Romy Johnson, he shares a few key points about the future of EdTech industry

  • Classroom experience will be enriched

While the EdTech industry is growing and developing new products, these will influence classroom experience greatly in the future. The experience of studying in the classrooms will be more interactive and creative. Educators will change their ways of teachers and have different roles than today. The classroom will be remodeled to fit the new technologies. These changes will encourage new EdTech companies that are seeking to enrich the learning experience of students will find tremendous opportunities to include online resources, DIY kits, and activities that are oriented towards learning.

  • Traditional learning methods will transform themselves digitally

As technology will permeate every part of the society, students will be the highest consumers of technology in their learning activities. The role of teaches will be confined to research and helping students to manage the curriculum in the classrooms. The technologies will offer more freedom to teachers and help students to get a better understanding of subjects. As the data is gathered more and more about students, it will be easy to gauge students based on their learning outcomes.

  • Personalization of learning models to fit individual students

Based on statistical data, students could be grouped under different types of learners and courses can be designed to suit  their needs. Individual learners will find this useful as it will be personalized and will support rapid learning.

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