WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns took to Twitter toward the beginning of today and insulted Cesaro over their WrestleMania Backlash headliner the previous evening, which saw Reigns hold his title by accommodation.

Cesaro posted a tweet earlier today and remarked on how he came “so close” to winning the lash.

He stated, “So close”

Rules reacted and insulted him, requesting him to get to the rear of the line of competitors.

“… however so incredibly, far. #BackOfTheLine #AndStill,” Reigns reacted.

Rules likewise gave a protracted video message toward the beginning of today, presented on Twitter as he prepared at his rec center. Rules discussed regarding Cesaro and said he could’ve pulled out a success the previous evening if not for Jimmy Uso loathing on him, which he utilized as inspiration. Rules finished the message by notice Jimmy that they will have a discussion on this present Friday’s SmackDown.

“Appear and win,” Reigns said, snickering. “Appear and win. That is the thing that I did. This is a result of minutes like at the present time, I’m now placing in the work. I’m uncommon, man. I’m the best generational ability, I’m that extraordinary milestone where the outdated meets the new school, you understand what I’m saying? There ain’t no one like me in the entire world, in the entirety of amusement, sports diversion, elite athletics, there ain’t no one like me. Also, I told you all, similar to most of my adversaries, I regarded that man Cesaro. I regard that man. I said he’s probably the best grappler, in-ring grapplers, in the entire world. So how did I respond? I beat him unexpectedly.

“We live in a universe of cynicism, of haters. They ain’t at any point disturbed me, they’re never an issue for me, however they are an issue for my rivals. Cesaro might’ve gotten an opportunity the previous evening if my own blood wasn’t loathing on me, wasn’t questioning me. It’s all inspiration to me, and you get it constantly, and it persuades you to accomplish the work, yet when it’s inside your bloodline, inside your family, it hits way harder, and I needed to go out there and I needed to show them. So Jimmy, Jim. Don’t message me, don’t call me, don’t FaceTime me, don’t advise your sibling to message me, don’t hit me up on the gathering visit. We must discuss this one, however we will do it on my show. Friday night, my SmackDown. Have a decent week, Uce. I’ll see you in a couple.”

Concerning, the previous evening’s WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-see finished with Seth Rollins assaulting him, clearly proceeding with their new quarrel.

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