Located at 235 23rd Street, GALA offers a premiere location by the oceanfront in Miami Beach.

GALA represents a sanctuary for the dreamers, the provocateurs, and the debaucherous.

A place where the intoxication of the senses creates an escape from the simple and ordinary.

Designed by Francois Frossard, who is known for his work on renowned hotels and venues such as, Le Blanc and Moon Palace Nizuc, and The Forge and Villa Azur, Gala’s private living room transports their patrons to a bygone era of imagination and fascination.

The latest news comes as several A-list celebrities have already been seen enjoying their experience at GALA; including Drake, LeBron James and DJ Khaled.

More information can be found at: https://galamiami.com

This is not a typical Miami night out, Gala is invite-only and a one-of-a-kind experience with each night filled with surprises. It is never known what celebrity might be at the next table, or what theatrical show may be planned — even the music performances are unannounced!

Going the extra mile and anticipating guest needs is an integral part of the hospitality ethos at GALA. From the moment of arrival, the luxurious vibes start from the aesthetics in the courtyard and living room, and continue on to all aspects of the experience – from a greeting with fresh hand towels to partaking in the most delicious fresh-pressed juices as mixers and the hand-picked fine wine collection by in-house sommeliers.

There is even caviar curated by the renowned Marky’s, served in the traditional tasting manner, allowing clients to experience the flavor fully and enjoy “caviar bumps” in an unparalleled atmosphere.

Having both an ultra-lounge and an outdoor courtyard creates the freedom to creatively customize each event, giving guests the best of both worlds. GALA does not just offer a space, but rather an experience tailored to the needs of an individual, group or special

occasions including corporate parties or weddings. It has space for 122 seating or 285 standing, with a private living room area and a vibrant color palette.

GALA is simply an experience one has to indulge in, but the question remains how does one get access?

Founded by, Jojo Lahoud, Mo Garcia, Matt Zingler and Joe Lopez, the Plus Plus Group plans on bringing hospitality to new heights with GALA Miami and multiple venues opening by 2023!

Interested parties can learn more at: https://goo.gl/maps/RFiX1BHKGHbSu5816

GALA – Miami
[email protected]
235 23rd Street

United States

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