Masai Ujiri ‘confident’ Kawhi Leonard will come back to Toronto Raptors

As yet engrossing the size of his group’s achievement, Raptors President Masai Ujiri is certain Kawhi Leonard and the remainder of Toronto’s center will rejoin next season in an offer for another title.

“We’re on to the next issue, which for us is coming back and being champions again,” Ujiri said Tuesday in his first news conference since Toronto won its first title nearly two weeks ago. “We want to experience this moment here again and again and again.”

Holding Leonard is the most problem that is begging to be addressed. The double cross finals MVP is relied upon to quit the last year of his agreement and become a free specialist. Toronto can offer a five-year bargain worth about $190 million – one year and some $50 million more than some other group.

“I know what we’ve built here,” Ujiri said. “I’m confident, and you see how these things go.”

Ujiri focused on the primary offering purposes of his pitch to Leonard: wellbeing, trust, achievement.

“I said we have to be ourselves, and we were ourselves for the whole year,” Ujiri said. “I think he saw that. I think we built a trust there.

“I believe winning a championship, him seeing who we are, working with his medical staff combined with our medical staff and getting him to where he wanted to be,” Ujiri added.

Harmed for everything except nine recreations in his last season with San Antonio, Leonard played 60 amusements this season and another 24 in the playoffs. In the wake of averaging profession bests of 26.6 focuses and 7.3 bounce back in the standard season, Leonard raised his midpoints to 30.5 and 9.1 in the playoffs.

Ujiri says he and Leonard have had different talks the previous a few days, discourses he called “positive.”

The Raptors will keep in contact and meet officially once free office starts Sunday. From that point forward, Ujiri isn’t stressed over to what extent Leonard takes to choose.

“I texted Kawhi last night, I talked to his uncle this morning,” Ujiri said. “For us, there’s that trust regardless of wherever it goes, and there’ll be constant communication.”

Focus Marc Gasol likewise has a player alternative for next season, and watchman Danny Green is a free operator.

“I think they know what the effect of Kawhi’s decision is, but we’re really approaching it like we want to bring everybody back on this team,” Ujiri said. “That’s a priority for us.”

Less pressing is a potential augmentation for forward Pascal Siakam, a runaway victor of the NBA’s Most Improved Player grant. The gatherings intend to meet throughout the late spring alliance.

“Pascal has gotten to a place where he’s definitely a priority for us and it’s definitely going to be a conversation that we’ll have,” Ujiri said.

Ujiri said small regarding his showdown with a representative after the Game 6 clincher. The delegate’s attorney, David Mastagni, says his customer is on therapeutic leave with a blackout and jaw damage and is thinking about a claim.

Ujiri says his attorneys are refreshing him about the examination.

“I am confident about who I am as a person, my character and as a human being,” Ujiri said. “For now, I’ll just respect their process there and wait for the next steps.”

Requested to deliver reports connecting him to NBA offers of employment, Ujiri stresses that his family adores Toronto.

“My kids are Canadians,” he said. “For me, the blessing is being wanted here and finding a place that makes you happy and finding challenges that really make you grow as a person.”

Concerning praising the NBA title with political pioneers, Ujiri says the group still can’t seem to settle on a White House visit whenever welcomed. He includes that seeing Canada’s PM would be a “need.”

Ujiri had one lament Tuesday – not carrying the Larry O’Brien Trophy with him. Be that as it may, minutes before the news gathering finished, the brilliant trophy arrived and was set on the table alongside him. Ujiri completed it as he left.

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