MahaloArt, an island-themed online store founded in 2022, provides unique, island-inspired artwork using artificial intelligence. MahaloArt releases a new series of prints each month, including posters, framed prints, and more. All prints are individual, high quality, and ready to hang in any home or business. With the rise of artificial intelligence, many industries are starting to explore its potential applications. One such industry is the art world. While some people may think that artificial intelligence will never be able to replace the creativity of human artists, others believe that it could open up new possibilities for creating art.

“People love our original prints and cannot believe the quality of the work,” said MahaloArt Founder Matthew Loughran, “We’ve made it easy for people to be transported to an island paradise with global shipping.”

To create artwork Mahalo Art calibrates artificial intelligence to ingest specific text inputs to develop versions of the prints, which eventually go through a tuning and finalization process by Matthew Loughran.

“Our biggest goal with MahaloArt is to share the islands’ natural beauty with the world,” said Loughran. “We’re careful to ensure that MahaloArt artwork is produced in accordance with the islands’ natural beauty, with features unique to each island.”

MahaloArt prints are available immediately to order and ship, making island paradise accessible for any business, home, or occasion. MahaloArt’s initial collection of prints is inspired by the islands of Tahiti, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Artists’ prints are ready to make a statement. provides prints, and housewares products for those who are looking to deliver the island vacation vibe to their home or office. Enhance your work from home office with these unique, one of a kind designs to ensure your 15 minute breaks bring you zen, calming and peace.

For more information, visit MahaloArt’s website. Use coupon code Aloha for 15% off your first purchase.

Mahalo Art

2795 E Bidwell St Suite 160-167

United States

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