The London lead generation agency Win At LinkedIn has opened a German office to further serve its growing European lead generation demand. To learn more, visit the linkedin lead generation service.

Win At LinkedIn founder Jonny Rose said:

“I’m incredibly proud to be expanding our European lead generation operations with the opening of this second office. Our lead generation service has generated over 30,000 leads for B2B enterprises across the globe, but we’ve seen a particular boom of new clients from within the European Union. Our new office in Magdeburg will enable us to better serve our European clientele.”

Win At Linkedin started as a Linkedin coaching service for B2B professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers that want to generate leads, nurture prospects and close deals. The company was established in 2017 – and in its first six months secured clients in the UK, India and US, including PwC, SpendNetwork, Whiteboard Geeks and Growth Hack World. The agency then expanded its services to Linkedin lead generation.

What separates our Linkedin lead generation service from others is that our Linkedin lead generation agency has a “No Automation” policy, relying instead on staff to successfully manage prospecting on Linkedin for clients.

Rose explains:

“Other Linkedin lead generation services require login passwords to access your profile and then use automation tools that can get you banned from Linkedin – not us.

We use human agents that approach target prospects on Linkedin with messages pre-approved by clients. Our interactions with prospects take a personal and human approach, based on our experience, this style of business development builds trust and starts conversations the right way for our clients to then progress further. Once a target prospect responds with interest, our campaign managers make a formal introduction on Linkedin Messenger to the end client so that they can follow-up and close the deal.”

The new office in Magdeburg, Germany will be headed up by Linkedin lead generation expert Dave Naranjo who has over ten years’ of Linkedin lead generation experience.

Naranjo explained further:

“This is a really exciting development for our LinkedIn lead generation agency – and our success in fulfilling lead generation campaigns for our hundreds of European clients is a huge vote of confidence for how powerful our lead generation service is.”

“Leads are typically generated within 7 days of the campaign starting. When a target prospect responds to the sales message and specifically states that they have an interest in your service, we add our clients to the conversation within Linkedin’s messaging interface to follow up. This is an incredibly powerful service – and we look forward to growing further in Europe”

To learn more, go here:

Win At LinkedIn

Kings Parade, Lower Coombe Street

United Kingdom

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