High Levels of Arsenic Found in Bottled Water Sold at Whole Foods, Target and Walmart

Free lab tests discovered abnormal amounts of the lethal metal arsenic in two brands of filtered water sold at basic food item and huge box stores, as per the Center for Environmental Health.

The two brands are Peñafiel and Starkey Spring Water, as indicated by the report. Target and Walmart sell Peñafiel, and Starkey is claimed by Whole Foods.

On Friday, Keurig Dr. Pepper announced the voluntary recall of Peñafiel unflavored mineral spring water “due to the presence of violative levels of arsenic.”

“Arsenic when present in the diet at very high levels, well above those detected in recent samples of Peñafiel, is associated with numerous chronic diseases,” Keurig Dr. Pepper said in an announcement.

An autonomous lab discovered dimensions of arsenic over the FDA furthest reaches of 10 sections for each billion in the water, which is imported from Mexico.

Buyers can restore the water to the retailer for a full discount. See the Keurig Dr. Pepper site for more data.

CEH declared they sent “lawful notification” to the two makers in the wake of discovering arsenic levels that would require a wellbeing cautioning under California’s Proposition 65.

From late 2016 to mid 2017, Consumer Reports tried Starkey Water – which a Whole Foods official called “incredibly flawless” – and discovered dimensions of arsenic over 10 ppb.

“There is no place for arsenic in bottled water,” said Caroline Cox, senior scientist at CEH. “Bottled water companies need to take the necessary steps to remove this toxic metal from their products, and retailers should stop selling them now. Until those conditions are met, we recommend consumers avoid purchasing Whole Foods’ Starkey and Dr Pepper’s Penafiel.”

The Food and Drug Administration had not reported a review for either as of Friday evening.

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