We got a chance to interact with Gaurav Gulati, Personal Branding Consultant and Author. He is a renowned author who has authored many books on Personal Branding and Brand Engagement. During this interaction we really learned some great branding lessons, he even unveiled 5 big mistakes that people usually do in personal branding.


1. Forgetting their true self

“Sometimes people tend to lose their true identity in the process,” says Gaurav Gulati. He said that leaders are selected for being different, and they should always be themselves in everything they do. He says that you should not lose your true identity, in fact, you should be YOU in everything you do! –

2. Being Passive

Whether you’re a working professional, or a high school senior, whoever you are, personal branding can help you take your career to the next level. Personal Branding is about marketing and distinguishing yourself and showcasing that online. It is in fact about taking control of your online narrative to help you achieve your goals. However, people start thinking that they don’t need to manage their online accounts proactively.

3. Pretending to be someone else

“Whether you have established yourself online for dating someone or for promoting your business, you need to show your true self. You can’t pretend to be somebody else, and if you do then you are committing the biggest sin of all times,” says Gaurav Gulati.

4. Ignoring the importance of being on time to develop a great brand

Building and maintaining an effective personal brand is not just about having a website and a few social media channels, in fact, it is about providing people with real value, again and again and distinguishing yourself from your competition and leaving a memorable impression.

5. Relying on shared content

People who do not generate their own content and rely only on shared content actually give shout outs to other thought leaders and businesses in the industry and convince their fans to go elsewhere for industry knowledge.

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