CHICAGO (AP) — Boeing has again ended conveyances of its 787 jetliners after government controllers requested more data about the creation of blemishes, including little holes where boards of the fuselage are joined.

A Boeing representative said Friday that the organization is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to give more data about the organization’s investigation and documentation of work on new 787s. He said the postpone influences “close term” conveyances.

The representative said the deferral doesn’t influence 787s, which Boeing calls the Dreamliner, that have effectively been conveyed to aircraft clients.

It isn’t clear how long conveyances will be held up — the representative considered it a close-term issue. Chicago-based Boeing gets a huge piece of the cost for another plane upon conveyance, so a drawn-out deferral could influence the organization’s income.

CFRA Research expert Colin Scarola called it “clearly frustrating news” for Boeing and its financial backers. In any case, the issue seems identified with review methods, not another plan or assembling issue, and appears prone to be settled rapidly, he said.

Conveyances of 787s were stopped for a very long time, until late March, by the fuselage defect and different issues.

Boeing shares fell $3.68, or 1.5%, to close Friday at $247.02.

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