Decisions Is Shaping The Face Of Meetings Across The World

Columbus, OH – Decisions is a platform designed to help businesses worldwide shape their meetings and bring logical conclusions to each meeting. The platform is designed using the principles of behavioral science and offers users the chance to bring structure to their meeting agenda. Using this platform, many business owners and teams have been able to enjoy an easier meeting experience while encouraging participant engagement through tools like virtual hand raising and meeting engagement scores. Businesses and teams can use Decisions to ensure that each participant is ready and prepared for the agenda, thus fostering a lively, interactive, engaging, and constructive discussion.

Jorgen Solberg, spokesperson for the company, said: “Decisions works with organizations around the world to drive a digital change in how meetings are managed, leveraging Microsoft Teams and the entire suite of Office 365. Thousands of users leverage Decisions to plan, organize, and run successful meetings with Teams, Outlook, OneNote, Word, Planner, and SharePoint. With Decisions, they easily create and collaborate on meeting agendas, increase meeting engagement and never again miss an action item. The company is a Microsoft One Commercial Partner and was recognized in the 2018 Office App Awards with 1st Place for Best Office Integration.”

As highlighted on the company’s website, Decisions offers businesses and teams a way to meet to brainstorm ideas, discuss business strategies, update team members, and engage in a digital meeting room.

The platform provides a better approach to meetings and getting things done by ensuring that each member of the meeting is prepared for the list of items to be discussed whilst also helping them to stick to time. More than creating a platform, the application gives participants a better chance to make an informed decision, as they have had prior knowledge of the issues to be discussed. With this advantage, businesses and teams can cut down on time taken to reach decisions on issues. With improved decision-making and reduced time required, businesses and teams can now do more and get more done in a shorter time frame.

The Decisions workflow is simple. Users can begin by creating the agenda of the meeting to bring structure to the discussion. Each member of the meeting can collaborate on the agenda, review materials, upload their own attachments, and leave comments where necessary. The meeting is then run with meeting templates in Microsoft OneNote or Microsoft Word, and the tasks and decisions are properly managed to drive decisions. Business organizations and teams that wish to get on board can visit

Decisions is headquartered at 421 W State Street, Studio 224, Columbus, Ohio 43215 US. For more information, call +47 23 90 56 58 or visit their website.

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