Dark theme is coming to Google Fit one week from now

In Google’s mission to dark mode everything, Google Fit clients would now be able to change to the dark theme to see their rings fill up in significantly more distinctive contrast.

Notwithstanding the dark theme, the Google Fit application is additionally being updated to track sleep patterns by matching it to applications or fitness trackers people utilize that likewise offer that tool.

Sleep patterns will presently be shown after some time with purple bars that demonstrate to people how many hours, and between which hours, they are asleep.

It doesn’t appear to demonstrate explicit details, for example, deep and light sleep hours, be that as it may. People can see this data from the home screen when they launch Google Fit.

Dark theme, then again, can be empowered by going to their profile and selecting Settings.

Google’s simply starting to reveal the updates and says they ought to have the option to turn it on by one week from now, so keep their eyes stripped.

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