Christian Verhounig additionally prodded another item for the UK advertise for 2020 at an occasion praising new ship Vasco Da Gama

Journey and Maritime Voyages’ CEO and executive Christian Verhounig has affirmed the line’s ship, Colombus, will be back in activity when next Saturday, following an episode a week ago.

The ship endured a specialized issue after “minor contact with a remote item” on Friday 31 May. It was cleared to cruise after an assessment by surveyors and jumpers, however was later compelled to come back to port in the Netherlands.

Verhounig stated: “Colombus is currently undergoing repairs and we expect her to be back in service ready for her Iceland voyage next Saturday.

“I want to take this opportunity to assure customers that I and everyone at CMV did everything in our power to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

“From the overwhelming support we have received on social media, I think we got the customer service right.”

Verhounig was talking at an occasion to commend the line’s most current vessel Vasco Da Gama’s landing in Tilbury in the UK. The ship was formally P&O Australia’s Pacific Eden and is deisgned for the German market.

He additionally prodded the inevitable dispatch of another item.

“You must think we are teasing you with this ship [Vasco Da Gama], then sending her to the German market, but we will have something new for the UK market very soon, possibly even for 2020,” he said.

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