Christian Yelich didn’t rehash as NL MVP , Brewers that Seem salty

The National League MVP results were reported on Thursday and it’s sheltered to state the Milwaukee Brewers were not excited with the news.

Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger was uncovered as the victor subsequent to getting 19 of 30 ahead of everyone else cast a ballot from the Baseball Writers Association of America. Christian Yelich, who won NL MVP last season and had another outstanding season for the Brewers in 2019, got 10 in front of the pack votes to complete second place.

The Brewers clearly felt Yelich did what’s necessary to acquire a rehash. At the point when the result was declared, it incited a reaction that some have named salty.

‘This is as yet my MVP’

Minutes after the declaration was perused, this tweet and video sprung up on the Brewers Twitter account.

It’s less the message, the “Still my MVP” hashtag, or even the video itself that shouts disappointment over the outcome. It’s normal that the Brewers would bolster their person, and it’s actual Yelich set up together a shockingly better season in spite of missing the last two or more weeks with a broke kneecap.

It’s that slippery emoticon that says “Something doesn’t add up here” and “Are we sure Cody Bellinger is the right choice?” that has our consideration.

In the Brewers’ safeguard, this is a discussion baseball fans believe is commendable having. A MLB Network survey just before the declaration uncovered that 71 percent of fans trusted Yelich merited the MVP this season. Just 11 percent agreed with Bellinger, while the other 18 percent decided in favor of Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals.

It’s the journalists cast a ballot that check. People should recollect too that the democratic is held before the postseason.

Dodgers fans react

Of course, Dodgers fans rushed to support Bellinger. The reactions sent to Milwaukee’s record were enthusiastic and shrouded in salt. Loads of salt.

Had Yelich won, people’re certain Dodgers fans would be none too satisfied about it. Yet, people get what they are accustomed to.

Had Yelich won, they likewise would have become just the fourteenth player in MLB history to win consecutive MVPs. There was history on hold, so people get the Brewers dissatisfaction.

That Bellinger won shouldn’t be such questionable, either. They was the best player in a group that won a NL-best 106 games. They crushed 47 grand slams, useful for fourth in MLB. They won a Gold Glove in the wake of moving to the outfield. Like Yelich, Bellinger increased his game to another level and merits the acknowledgment.

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