Atlanta GA Dog Bite Victim Lawsuit – Personal Injury Attorney Report Released

The Atlanta, GA-based personal injury law firm can now offer comprehensive legal support to people who have been the victim of a dog bite, helping them to recuperate the costs of their medical bills and emotional trauma.

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The latest report suggests that dog bite incidents have increased since the global health crisis due to a lack of animal socialization, caused by reduced contact with other humans and animals outside of the home.

Moreover, statistics show that more people have decided to adopt due to social isolation during the pandemic, which means that there may be an increase in first-time pet owners who lack the skills and knowledge to properly socialize their dogs.

Cambre & Associates have the professional knowledge and practical experience to interpret dog bite laws in Georgia. Their report indicates that in order to attribute liability to the dog owner in a case, three points must be proven. Firstly, it must be shown that they had previous knowledge that the animal has a history of violence or aggression.

Secondly, that the owner was careless in managing the animal, such as failing to properly restrain it or keep it in a fenced area. Lastly, it must be shown that the animal was supposed to be leashed in a location where it is not permitted for dogs to roam freely.

If the area allowed dogs to be off-leash or if the victim clearly provoked the animal, the owner is not liable in a dog bite lawsuit. In addition to providing essential legal information, the report indicates steps pet owners can take if they are concerned about their dog biting people.

These tips include seeking a professional dog trainer, ensuring that the animal is adequately supervised and secured, or rehoming it with a family better suited to its size or nature. The team at Cambre & Associates specialize in personal injury lawsuits, including incidents involving dog bites, wrongful death, commercial vehicles, and medical malpractice.

They are dedicated to helping people recover the cost of medical bills or loss of income and only charge their clients legal fees if they win their case. Their team of personal injury attorneys are adept in handling cases involving criminal, family, and immigration law.

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